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ISW was founded in 2011, mainly engaged in metalworking and wind turbine assembly.
In 2014 it began its internationalization with the realization of some projects in the sphere of the wind sector, located in Austria. ISW is committed to maintaining excellence in all the work it performs, excellence being sustained by quality, safety and sustainability

Our Services

The ISW is specialized in the installation of wind turbines, in all its aspects. Counting on the expertise and experience of highly qualified technicians, we develop works in several areas

Mounting Towers

Assembly of steel tubular towers and prefabricated reinforced concrete towers of wind turbines

Mechanical Installation

Installation of all wind turbine components: annular generator, engine room, rotor hub and rotor blades

Electrical Installation

Installation and distribution of wiring and electrical equipment in wind turbines


Electrical distribution system, documentation, programming, testing, adjustment, verification, to ensure that the wind turbine functions as a fully integrated system

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In 2015 we were distinguished as PME Leader